Last Minute Flight Deals

Last minute flight deals are useful for travellers who book flight tickets at the last minute before the flight. To purchase cheap last minute flights it is important that the customer search for travel agents who provide unpublished fares. Unpublished fares are not published in their online websites and to avail the same the customer needs to call the customer care office to buy the same. Some online travel companies buy tickets in bulk from the airlines and they make a profit of the same based on the volume of sales. Such travel agents sell last minute flight deals at the very low margins making them an attractive offer for all customers. Last minute flight booking is usually very expensive, and the urgency to purchase the ticket tilt the balance from the customer to the seller. In such cases, the travel agents would charge a high commission for last minute flight bookings. BookOtrip was incorporated with an intention to stop these sellers from exploiting the customers. Our margins are usually prefixed and in no circumstance, we exploit the vulnerability of our customers. We have a history of selling tickets at the cost of procurement on humanitarian grounds for last minute flight booking.

Flight DetailsDeparture
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New Delhi (DEL)
Dec 20, 2023
Hong Kong (HKG)
Kolkata (CCU)
Dec 20, 2023
Dammam (DMM)
Lucknow (LKO)
Dec 08, 2023
Dubai (DXB)
Kochi (COK)
Dec 04, 2023
Dublin (DUB)
Kochi (COK)
Dec 04, 2023
Budapest (BUD)
New Delhi (DEL)
Dec 21, 2023
Toronto (YYZ)

Not all travel agents deal with cheap last minute flights, only a handful of agents who are financially sound and enjoys a good reputation usually deal with such flight deals. Last minute flight deals are naturally very expensive, hence when you add the travel agents commission it becomes even more expensive. Most organizations make a handsome profit with last minute booking. BookOtrip is synonymous with cheap last minute flights, as we always try to undercut our competition.

Economy Class Tickets

Economy class tickets are the best choice for last minute flyers. Economy class is the cheapest class of tickets available for sale in an air carrier. Economy class tickets are usually the cheapest last minute flight offering available in the market as well. Economy class is best suited for short flights but many people find cheap flights the best option to travel long flights as well, because of its cheap flight rates. The introduction of low-cost careers has further reduced the cost of air travel. No-frill flights as it is popularly known among the travelling community has helped travellers save a lot. Unpublished economy tickets are issued way below the online market rates making it a bargain for all. Due to the introduction of new airlines and opening up new routes, the competition between the airlines has resulted in a price war, most travel agents do not pass on these benefits to its customers rather use these to improve their margins. BookOtrip always makes it a point that price benefits are passed on to its customers. BookOtrip always keep ethics in the forefront while dealing with customers. This is the differentiation factor of BookOtrip with other travel agencies.

Business Class Tickets

Sometimes the price paid for business class can be considered value for money. The business class tickets come with five-star luxury amenities. The business class flyers are pampered with a wide variety of choices. Many airlines offer options to upgrade from economy class to business class with a fee and in most cases, these updates are worth the extra cost. Business-class flight seats are called palace on air, the customers are spoiled with choices make their time spent in the travel a luxurious affair.

Mobile App for Lower Fares

BookOtrip has launched BookOtrip mobile app that helps its users to buy tickets directly from BookOtrip. The mobile app is an extension of BookOtrips sales and customer service network, engaging with customers to provide them with the best service possible. BookOtrip believes mobile apps can help the organization penetrate into every segment of society. BookOtrip gives its customers up to date flight rates to its clients through its mobile app giving the person adequate resources to decide on the ticket and date of travel. BookOtrip believes that by launching the mobile app the customer is given an opportunity to make decisions based on the available information.

Customers can check for cheap last minute flight prices offered by all the major airlines, compare the same and decide on the most suitable option from the available set of choices. As part of the promotional offer, customers get 2000 INR ecash for downloading and registering the mobile app and with every referral the customer earns 500 INR ecash, which can be used by the customer to purchase tickets. Furthermore, the customer can earn e-cash with each purchase, 50 INR for domestic and 100 INR for international tickets. The e-cash that you saved could be used to reduce the price of the air ticket.

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