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Brazil and Argentina Tour (11 Nights / 12 Days)

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Price per adult on twin Sharing basis

As you step into the heart of the Brazil and Argentina tour, you'll find yourself in vibrant Rio de Janeiro. Your arrival is marked by warm greetings and introductions as you meet your Tour Director and fellow travellers. Join together for a convivial welcome dinner at the hotel, where stories begin to intertwine and the shared excitement for the upcoming journey sets the stage for unforgettable experiences in the days ahead.


Embark on a captivating Brazil and Argentina tour as you ascend to new heights in Rio de Janeiro. A guided sightseeing adventure begins with a scenic cog-railway journey to the awe-inspiring Christ the Redeemer statue atop Corcovado Mountain. From this 2,300-foot pinnacle, embrace a mesmerizing 360-degree panorama of the sprawling bay below. Descending, explore lively downtown Rio, visiting the Cathedral and the vibrant Sambodromo, the famed Carnival parade location. As night falls, anticipate a delightful culinary experience at a traditional Brazilian Churrascaria, where the historic churrasco style comes to life with an array of meats and side dishes. It's a feast you control - simply flip your card from green to red!

TOUR HIGHLIGHT: Delight in local tastes at the Brazilian Churrascaria, savouring the flavours of Brazilian barbecue, an art rooted in the heritage of gauchos (cowboys) dating back to the 1700s. Indulge in various meat cuts and sides representative of Brazil's culinary tradition, with the freedom to dine to your heart's content. Remember to adjust your card - green for go, red for satisfied!
Breakfast Dinner.


Discover Rio at Your Leisure on a day of independent exploration in Rio de Janeiro. Your Brazil and Argentina tour offers the freedom to immerse yourself in the city's captivating offerings. Take the opportunity to delve deeper by opting for an excursion to Petropolis, once the esteemed summer retreat of Emperor Dom Pedro II. This optional addition, along with various choices on your journey, can be arranged for those seeking to elevate their experience. As you embrace this day of discovery, relish the chance to uncover Rio's wonders on your own terms. Enjoy a hearty breakfast to fuel your adventures.


Your Brazil and Argentina tour takes a thrilling turn as you jet to Iguassu Falls. Get ready for a breathtaking encounter with nature's majesty, complete with rising mists, never-ending roars, and lush tropical surrounds that leave an everlasting impression. Venture into Brazil's Iguassu National Park, where your Local Guide unveils the spectacle from the Brazilian perspective. This 2-mile-wide cascade, with some cataracts reaching 250 feet, captivates the senses. As you tread the pathways tracing the falls, keep an eye out for the local wildlife inhabitants, from toucans to jaguars, dwelling within this protected haven. Breakfast.


Immerse yourself in the splendour of Iguassu Falls on the Argentine side today. Embark on an adventure as you board the Ecological Jungle Train, traversing the rainforest for an intimate encounter with the falls. Guided by experts, take a captivating walking tour, drawing you closer to the cascade's raw beauty. Later, return to your hotel, where the day unfurls leisurely. Amidst the Brazil and Argentina tour, unveil more of Iguassu's treasures from the Argentinean perspective. Wander along elevated walkways, peering over the falls' edge as the water plunges below. Venture through the rainforest's lower trails, immersing in smaller cataracts. Breakfast.


Travel from Iguazu Falls to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where you will be greeted by the charming boulevards and vibrant atmosphere of this city often referred to as the "Paris of South America". On your first day, you'll go on a guided walk to get a feel for the city's impressive buildings, wide boulevards, and pleasant outdoor cafes. Buenos Aires boasts a fusion of elegant European design, delectable culinary experiences, and a cafe culture reminiscent of the finest Parisian streets. Indulge in leisurely afternoons, savouring cafe con leche or the finest Argentine wines as you soak in the unique ambience of this remarkable city as you embark on this Brazil and Argentina tour. Have a delicious breakfast to get your day going.


Experience the vibrant allure of BUENOS AIRES through a captivating journey of Dining, Dancing, and Dazzling sights. Your adventure begins in La Boca, an animated district steeped in history as the city's inaugural port. Immerse yourself in this unique enclave with a brief walking tour, and then progress to San Telmo, celebrated for its late-colonial architectural marvels and status as a haven for artists.

Plaza de Mayo beckons with its historical significance, showcasing the iconic La Casa Rosada, the President's Pink House, alongside the grandeur of the Metropolitan Cathedral, where San Martin's Mausoleum resides. Your path meanders past the splendid Teatro Colón opera house, a masterpiece of ornate design, before leading you to Recoleta Cemetery, the resting place of Eva Peron, a poignant figure in Argentine history.

As a highlight of the captivating Brazil and Argentina tour, after a leisurely afternoon, conclude your day with an evening of extraordinary allure. A revered Tango club awaits, where you'll relish a delectable dinner featuring Argentine steaks and local delicacies. The evening crescendos with a spellbinding performance, showcasing the immaculate artistry of Latin America's most alluring dance - the Tango! This cultural gem, born on the vibrant streets of 18th-century Buenos Aires, has charmed the world, and during your Tango show, you'll witness its captivating evolution across the ages.

No voyage to Buenos Aires is complete without immersing yourself in the authenticity of a Tango show. Embrace the pulsating rhythm of this dance, which emerged from the city's humble streets and swiftly captured global fascination. As the Tango's mesmerizing story unfolds before you, you'll glimpse its captivating metamorphosis over time.

Begin your day with a hearty breakfast, and as night falls, savour a dinner that seamlessly segues into an enchanting Tango spectacle. This experience will linger in your memory as a quintessential portrayal of Buenos Aires' rich cultural tapestry.


Indulge in a full day of leisure in Buenos Aires, inviting you to uncover the city's wonders at your own pace. For those seeking to delve deeper into the timeless traditions of Argentina, consider an optional excursion to the vast pampas (grasslands) in this Brazil and Argentina tour. Immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of Argentine country life as you venture to an estancia (ranch). Here, you'll acquaint yourself with the captivating lifestyle of the gauchos, the skilled horsemen of the region, while savouring a delightful barbecue lunch. Embrace the warm hospitality of your hosts, gaining insights into their way of life before returning to the city.

Begin your day with a hearty breakfast, setting the tone for a day of exploration and discovery on your own terms.


Greetings from Santiago! Embark on a flight to Chile's vibrant capital, Santiago. Marvel at the stunning scenery as you arrive in this picturesque city nestled within a valley, embraced by the majestic snow-capped Andes and the scenic Chilean Coast Range. It's a visual masterpiece that captures the essence of Santiago's charm on your Buenos Aires tour.

Start your day with a satisfying breakfast before embarking on this exciting leg of your Brazil and Argentina tour.


Santiago Where Past Meets Present. This Brazil and Argentina tour takes you on a captivating journey through Santiago's history and heritage guided by a knowledgeable Local Guide. Uncover the exquisite blend of old-world charm and contemporary dynamism that defines this city. Your adventure begins at La Moneda, the official Government Palace, and continues to Plaza de Armas, the heart of Santiago, where the 18th century Cathedral stands as a testament to its legacy. Fuel your day with a delightful breakfast, preparing you for an enthralling exploration that masterfully bridges the gap between the city's rich past and its vibrant present.


Cherish Freedom Spend the day in Santiago independently exploring at your own pace. For those seeking further adventures, consider a rewarding excursion to Vina del Mar and Valparaiso, the captivating coastal gems situated west of Santiago. These charming destinations offer a delightful escape into scenic beauty and cultural wonders. Begin your day with a hearty breakfast, setting the tone for your own unique exploration and the possibility of discovering more of Santiago's surrounding treasures. You will be covering the best tourist places in Brazil on this journey.


Farewell and Safe Travels! As your Brazil and Argentina tour draws to a close, enjoy a final breakfast this morning. May your journey ahead be filled with safety and pleasant experiences until we have the pleasure of meeting again.

The Best tourist places in Brazil and Argentina

Embark on 11 nights/12 days South American odyssey with Brazil and Argentina tour. Start in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, basking in beaches and landmarks. Proceed to Buenos Aires, Argentina, for tango and charm. Witness Iguazu Falls' awe on the border. Conclude in Santiago, Chile, amid Andean splendour. Delight in historic sites and vibrant culture.

Experience the ultimate 11 nights/12 days on Brazil and Argentina tours. Begin in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, immersing in its vibrant energy. Journey to Iguazu Falls, encountering nature's grandeur. Traverse to Buenos Aires, Argentina, for tango rhythms and rich history. Continue to Santiago, Chile, where modernity meets the Andes. Your incredible adventure culminates here, leaving you with cherished memories of diverse cultures, stunning landscapes, and remarkable cities.

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