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Bengaluru is the capital city of the south Indian state of Karnataka. Bengaluru is one of the major centers in India for Indian classical music and dance with many different dance forms like Katthakali, Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi having patrons, students and masters in the city. Bengaluru is also famed for having a large concentration of IT companies within its walls. It is referred to as the IT Capital of India and the Silicon Valley of India for this very reason. Cheap air tickets from Bengaluru (BLR) can be easily booked and purchased online.

Online Air Ticket to Beijing (BJS)

Beijing is the capital city of China. It is also the last great capital of ancient China. It has been at the center of all political activity in China since the last eight centuries. The city is renowned for its opulent palaces, temples, parks, gardens, tombs, walls and gates. Because of all this historical and cultural wealth, Beijing has by default become the cultural center of China. It has quite a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The cheapest air ticket to Beijing (BJS) can be bought online.

Flights To Beijing (BJS) From Bengaluru (BLR)
To get to the Chinese city of Beijing from the Indian city of Bengaluru, you will have to travel around 2,997 miles. This distance is not too great and can be travelled by a direct flight. However, there are connecting flights available if you want to travel cheap. These connecting flights will have at least one stopover in between. The most popular stopover destinations on this route are Colombo and Mumbai. The total time to complete the journey is around 24 hours. To book flights to Beijing (BJS) from Bengaluru (BLR), you can go online.
The city of Beijing is massive and it has four different airports that serve its citizens! However, most international flights land at the Beijing Capital International Airport Company Limited, which is about 32km from the city center. It is the principle hub for Air China and has the distinction of being the busiest airport in Asia. Cheapest flights from Bengaluru (BLR) to Beijing (BJS) can be easily purchased online.

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