International Air Tickets: Around The World In Friendly Fares

The world is a huge canvas painted with different cultures, landmarks, cuisines and ever smiling faces. One should try to touch and see every corner of it during their lifetimes. Talking about India, it has become a major travel hub both as a source and a destination with each year millions flying in and out of the country. Over the last decade, Indians have been one of the most traveling people in the world, flying to destinations worldwide. The advancements in the Indian aviation sector have brought air travel within the reach of masses. takes you one step ahead with its cheap international flight tickets to destinations across the globe.

Cheap International Flights

Do you wish to travel on international vacations and are you worried about the high cost of airline tickets? Fear not, BookOtrip will help you make your dream come through. Cheap international flights will help most middle-class Indians to realize their long lost dream of enjoying an international vacation. Online ticket sales by various online travel portals have helped its customers to buy cheap international flight tickets. International flight booking has become an easy process due to the advancement of technology, now any person can hop into BookOtrip website and select the route and date of your travel and book cheap international flight tickets with us, it is as simple as that. Anybody can book cheap international flight tickets with an adequate internet connection and with proper devices in their hands.

Avail Flight Deals On International Flight Booking

Some airlines offer very cheap international flights as part of their special day fares or as part of their fire sale. Usually, it is very hard to track those deals but our sites usually reflect these savings in our ticket prices for the benefit of our customers. We specialize in offering discount international flights to our customers based on the availability of the same. We have one of the smallest markup percentages per ticket issued in the industry because we focus on volume rather than per ticket profit.

Best ways to find cheap International air tickets

1. Book connecting flights to save on international flight booking rates.

2. Subscribe to mailing lists of BookOtrip to get updates on cheap international air tickets. BookOtrip often offers member deals and exclusive discounts for subscribers.

3. Download BookOtrip app to find the deals you want and manage your trips.

Most Searched International Air routes in BookOtrip

Traveling is a passion for most, but the high price associated with purchasing air tickets deter many. The United States, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE are some of the most popular countries among Indians. The United States and Canada remain the favorite among the lot. New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco are some of the most popular cities in the United States among Indians. As far as Canada is concerned Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa are some of the favorite locations for Indians. Check out the best deals to some of the most popular destinations in the US and Canada from India, below:

International Flight Tickets to USA

With the entry of low-cost carriers, the cost of air travel have come down dramatically. People are still trying to find the cheapest flight ticket available in the market. People spend a lot of hours browsing through the internet consuming a lot of time and effort, usually a frustrating endeavor. BookOtrip helps its client to find some of the cheapest flight tickets available for your travel. We provide our customers with various options (Direct and Indirect flights) to choose according to your their needs. BookOtrip also facilitate you to choose the itenary of you choice along with flight reservation, flight cancellation so on and so forth. We provide hassle free flight booking option that makes your travel a happy and pleasant endeavor.

Top 10 International air routes from India to the USA

1. Mumbai to New York

2. Kolkata to San Francisco

3. Delhi to Dubai

4. Coimbatore to Singapore

5. Trivandrum to Los Angeles

6. Delhi to San Francisco

7. Mumbai to New York

8. Kolkata to San Francisco

9. Hyderabad to Chicago

10. Kochi to Boston

FAQ for Booking Cheap International Air Tickets

1. When is the best time to book cheap international flights?

There is no special time for international flight booking, but you could get cheap international flights if they are booked 2-3 months prior to the journey.

2. Is it cheaper to buy international flights at the airport?

No, it's not a good idea to purchase air tickets directly from the airport. The flight tickets are usually on the higher side.

3. Is it possible to transfer the air tickets booked for international flights to someone else’s name?

No, airlines do not allow the transfer of tickets from one person to another. It is the same with domestic and international flights.

4. What is the difference between layovers and stopover on international flights?

If you stay in a country for more than 23 hours it is termed as a stopover. This country will not be your final destination. Layovers can be as short as 30 minutes to as long as 23 hours.

5. What are the airlines that provide cheap international flights from India ?

Air India, British Airways, Emirates, Lufthansa, Etihad Airways so on and so forth are a few airlines that provide very cheap international flights to the USA.

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