Flight Tickets from Guwahati (GAU)

Situated on the banks of Brahmaputra River, Guwahati is the largest and the fastest growing city in Northeastern India. The city is well ornate with cascading waterfalls, forests and wildlife sanctuaries that are the abode of many wide animals like elephants, pythons, rare birds and so on.The Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, in Borjhar, is one of the busiest airports of India and caters to all major domestic and international flights that arrive at the gates of Guwahati.

Flight Tickets to Aguadilla (BQN)

Founded in 1775, Aguadilla is located in the Northwestern part of Puerto Rica. The city is a famous tourist attraction for its picturesque beaches, the vast wilderness, and the infamous Gas Chambers. There is an Old Catholic church that embellishes the town center known as Plaza de Recreo. Rafael Hernández Airport is located in Aguadilla and is jointly owned by the military. Established in 1939, the airport has gone on to become one of the largest international airports in Puerto Rico.

Guwahati to Aguadilla

There are plenty of benefits to traveling to new places – be it meeting new people are appeasing your eyes with breathtaking natural beauty. Traveling to new places enables you to widen your mindset. Studies have shown that people wanderlusters are far more accepting because they have been exposed to a lot of diverse cultures and people. While traveling used to problematic in the older days, they are a piece of cake now owing to online portals that allow you to book tickets for flights and hotels at a lightning speed.

When it comes to traveling, the place hardly matters. Be a mountainous landscape of a white beach with blue waters, traveling to new lands is like a medicine for the soul that not only opens up newer perspectives but also soothes the soul and helps to refocus the mind on the bigger picture of life. With the ease of the internet, your dream location is just a click away.

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