Flight Tickets from Allahabad (IXD)

Known as one of India’s oldest cities, Allahabad remains a major destination for all types of tourists. Its strategic location at confluence of holy rivers - Yamuna, Ganga and Saraswati - has made it a major pilgrimage spot. The historic citadels like Allahabad Fort and Khusro Bagh are very popular and they are visited by thousands of tourists. If you want to fly out of this historic city, book flights from Allahabad (IXD) in planes flying from Allahabad International Airport.

Flight Tickets to Arusha (ARK)

Located in Northeast Tanzania, in East Africa, Arusha is a gateway to the northern safari circuit. Its lush green environment lures the tourists and the Mount Meru is a major tourist attraction here. Most tourists opt for Safari to nearby places and explore the Massai market. To visit this beautiful city, you can book the lowest airfare to Arusha (ARK) that will take you to Kilimanjaro International Airport which serves as major link to Arusha Airport and is 58 km away from the main city.

Discount Flights to Arusha (ARK) from Allahabad (IXD)
If you are thinking of visiting Arusha, you can book the cheapest tickets to Arusha(ARK) from Allahabad (IXD) through an online portal.
1. What is the distance between Allahabad and Arusha?
The average distance between Allahabad and Arusha is 5,822 km. The fastest flight will take you to this city in approximately 18 hours and 43 minutes.
2. Which airlines serve between Allahabad and Arusha?
Popular airlines like Air India, Jet Airways, and Etihad Airways serve between these two cities.
3. How many stopovers are there between Allahabad and Arusha?
There are no direct international flights between Allahabad and Arusha. You will be able to find connecting flights that have stops at airports in Mumbai, Dar-es-Salaam, and Kilimanjaro. There are about three stopovers. Travelling to Arusha is not tedious. With a little effort you can find the cheapest flights from Allahabad (IXD) to Arusha(ARK) online. These flights will take you from Allahabad International Airport to Kilimanjaro International Airport, which, after renovation and privatization, offers facilities like free Wi-Fi and duty free shops.

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