Flight Tickets Booking from Surat (STV)

The Gopi Talav, the Dumas Beach and the Amaazia Water Park are only some of the amazing places you get to visit when at Surat. Explore these places during the months of October to February and taste the Surati cuisine such as the Locha, Thepla and Ghari for a one-of-a-kind experience. The Surat Airport has a total area of 770 acres and was built by the state government of Gujarat. Flight tickets offers from Surat (STV) help to cut down the traveling expenses to a great extent.

Flight Tickets Booking to Bahrain (BAH)

Bahrain has a lot to offer: the Reef Island, the Seef Mall and the Khamis Mosque are just some of the places you can visit. Be sure to check out flight tickets offers to Bahrain (BAH) during the months of November to February and taste the Luqaimat and Khuboos that are popular specialties of the place. The Bahrain International Airport is approximately 7km northeast of the capital Manama and has to undergo expansion which will increase its capacity to 14 million passengers a year.

Convenient Flights to Bahrain (BAH) from Surat (STV)
International flight tickets to Bahrain (BAH) from Surat (STV) can be booked online with ease.
Do you need to board connecting flights on the trip from Surat to Bahrain?
There are no direct flights that shuttle between the two cities so you are left with no choice but to catch connecting flights.
How many stopovers are made on the journey?
There are around two stopovers along the way, of which the most common ones are Mumbai, New Delhi and Muscat. The airlines that serve Surat and Bahrain are Air India, Gulf Air and Oman Air.
What is the duration of the flight from Surat to Bahrain?
The flight duration lasts for around 18 hours or so, and the distance between the two destinations is 2,329km. In order to book flights from Surat (STV) to Bahrain (BAH), you need to chart your plans out well in advance so as to avoid last minute delays.
The Bahrain airport is located Muharraq, which is an island, while the Surat airport is located in Magdalla, 11km south west of Surat.

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