Flight Tickets Booking from Bhubaneswar (BBI)

Bhubaneswar is the largest city of the state of Odisha in India. Having replaced Cuttack, it is now the capital of Odisha. It has been a rich heritage of diverse cultural landscapes and historical references. Designed by the German architect named Otto Konigsberger, it has been rated as the primitive modernly planned city of the country. Booming with severe technological advancements, the city is known to harbor the most efficient and topmost educational institutions of India. The tropical Savanna Climate takes up the annual mean temperature around 27.4’C, whereas the month of May brings in unbearable heat shooting the temperature between 32’C-42’C. Book the air flight tickets from Bhubaneswar (BBI), and get a chance to visit the ‘Temple City of India’ and explore its richness in the best possible way.

Flight Tickets Booking to Muscat (MCT)

Muscat is derived from the Arabic word ‘musqat’. This metropolitan city comprises of wilayats or six provinces at a stretch. The dynamic growth of economy and evolvement of the indigenous society owes its credits to the Persian and the Balochis. With proper evidences, Muscat even proves to have ancestors who believed in the burial rituals of the dead, clarifying their belief in life after death. The city has been witness to innumerable quests between the Portuguese and many other alliances, which is said to have taken a sharp turn after the election of Nasir bin Murshid Al- Ya’rubi. Facilitate yourself with the online ticket booking to Muscat (MCT), and get to know many more such historical references in the capital of Oman.

Best Flight Deals From Bhubaneswar (BBI) To Muscat (MCT)
Grab the best flight deals and cheap affordable flight bookings and plan your holidays. Fly away from the city of Temples to the city that dictates some major commemorated events, by booking your seats online via an easy hassle – free access through innumerable ticket booking websites.
Briefing some additional information.
How much time does the flight take?
It takes an approximate four hours and seventeen minutes to travel from Bhubaneswar airport
(BBI) to Muscat (MCT), since the places are even 2860 km away.
What is the time difference between Bhubaneswar and Muscat?
The time of Muscat is one hour and thirty minutes behind that of Bhubaneswar. Set your watch
right and pack your bags, since Muscat assures you to be a life- time’s experience.

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