Flight Tickets Booking from Bhopal (BHO)

Bhopal is the capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh and has a rich heritage and history with testaments scattered throughout the city in the form of heritage structures like temples, government building and forts. It has a great cuisine with recipes dating back to ancient times. The city has a vibrant culture that exists even today. Cheap air tickets from Bhopal (BHO) can be easily booked online.

Flight Tickets Booking to Dhaka (DAC)

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh in Southeast Asia. It is quite an ancient and historic city that was once named the capital of Bengal in Mughal ruled India. The city still holds some remnants from that era in the form of palaces and mosques belonging to the Mughal dynasty. Cheap air tickets to Dhaka (DAC) can be easily booked online.

Discount Flights to Dhaka (DAC) from Bhopal (BHO)
The journey from Bhopal to Dhaka is going to be quite great and the cultural similarities and differences are really going to pleasantly surprise you. Be sure to pack your bags according to the weather. Booking flight tickets to Dhaka (DAC) from Bhopal (BHO) can be easily done online.
1. How far is Dhaka from Bhopal?
The distance between the two cities is 1,327km.
2. Are there direct flights from Bhopal to Dhaka?
No, there are no direct flights. However, you can catch connecting flights that enjoy a minimum of one stopover in major cities in India, like Mumbai and Kolkata.
3. How long will it take to reach Dhaka in Bangladesh from Bhopal in India?
The fastest connecting flight from Bhopal to Dhaka takes about 15 hours.
Enjoy your journey. International air ticket from Bhopal (BHO) to Dhaka (DAC) can be easily booked and purchased online.

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