Flight Booking from Dharamshala (DHM)

Dharamsala is a city in the state of Himachal Pradesh and is the place of Dalai Lama’s residence and headquarters of Central Tibetan Administration. The city is also the second capital of Himachal Pradesh. Located amidst immense scenic beauty, Dharamsala is a paradise for nature lovers, trekkers, hikers etc. the city is surrounded by dense coniferous forests and has serene ambience. Some noteworthy places of attractions in Dharamsala include Masrur, Namgyal Monastery, Tsuglagkhang Complex, Kareri Lake, Kangra Museum, Kangra Fort etc. The Kangra Gaggal Airport is the main airport serving the city. The airport is at a distance of 12 km and 10 km to south of town and north of Kangra town respectively. Book flights from Dharamsala (DHM) and fly out of the city.

Flight Booking to Doha (DOH)

Doha, the capital city of Qatar, is a modern city which is showing immense growth and development in the past few years. The city is the economic and commercial center of Qatar. High level meetings and seminars are hosted in the city regarding various global issues and subjects. Almost everything that is old is being demolished in the city and new structures and buildings are being constructed. The moment you visit the city, you can feel the modernization aspect clearly. Book flights to Doha (DOH) and explore the interesting places of attractions including Qatar National Museum, Desert Safari, Al-Zubarah, The Museum of Islamic Art, The Corniche, Al Wakra Museum, The Golden Mosque etc. The Hamad International Airport is the main airport serving the city.

Affordable Flights to Doha (DOH) from Dharamsala (DHM)
Doha is a modern city and the modernism can be felt from all aspects. Right from the construction to architectural structures, from general lifestyle to landmarks – modernism is visible. Doha was regarded as the Arab Capital of Culture in 2010. The arts, film and media of the city need special mention. Cheap international air tickets to Doha (DOH) from Dharamsala (DHM) is available from various airlines and travelers are frequently this city.
What is the distance between Doha and Dharamsala?
The distance that needs to be covered for reaching Doha from Dharamsala is about 2,520 kilometers.
Are there any direct flights between Doha and Dharamsala?
Though there are many available flight deals from Dharamsala (DHM) to Doha (DOH), there are no direct flights between the places. Only connecting flights operate between the cities.
So, book your tickets to Doha today and enjoy a fun and exciting vacation in the most happening city in the Middle East.

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