Flight Booking from Amritsar (ATQ)

Known for the famous Golden Temple, Amritsar is a holy pilgrim city in the Punjab state of India. The name of the city is derived from the pool meaning “holy pool of nectar”. It is also known for its Gurdwara. It is a major pilgrimage centre attracting thousands of tourists every year. The best season to visit Amritsar is the period between October and March. If you want to travel out of this holy city then you can book cheap flight tickets from Amritsar (ATQ) to any other city in the world.

Flight Booking to Dammam (DMM)

Dammam is the capital city of the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. Dammam has a hot desert climate, and the best time to visit this city is during winter between October to February. The residents of this city are a mix of different nationalities and ethnicities. The most popular cuisine that can be enjoyed by the tourists are Kabsa, Yemeni Mandi, and Hejazi cuisine like Foul, Mitabbak, and Madhbi. Traveling to Dammam is very easy. You can book online air ticket to Dammam (DMM) that will see you land at the King Fahd International Airport.

Cheap Flights to Dammam (DMM) from Amritsar (ATQ)
Traveling to Dammam has become very inexpensive. You get many flight offers to Dammam (DMM) from Amritsar (ATQ) that will take you from the Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport of Amritsar to King Fahd International Airport that is around 50km from the main city of Dammam. The following FAQs will guide you on your trip to Dammam.
Are there direct flights between Amritsar and Dammam?
Popular airlines like Jet Airways, Gulf Air, and Air India ply between Amritsar and Dammam. Although there are no direct flights between the two cities, there are connecting flights with stopover major cities like Mumbai and New Delhi.
What is the time taken to fly between Amritsar and Dammam?
You don’t have to shell out too much money to travel to Dammam. Now you can easily get cheap flights from Amritsar (ATQ) to Dammam (DMM) that will about 4 hours and 15 minutes, based on number of stopovers and the wait time between connecting flights.
What is the distance between Amritsar and Dammam?
The distance between Amritsar and Dammam is about 2,600km.

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