Flight Booking from Ahmedabad (AMD)

Flights with lowest air fare from Ahmedabad (AMD) to various domestic and international cities can be booked through air services of Sardar Vallabh Bhai International Airport in the Indian State of Gujarat. The airport serve the cities of Ahmedabad and Gandhi Nagar and their surrounding districts. It also has access to one runway, one passenger terminal and one cargo terminal.

Flight Booking to Mahe Island (SEZ)

Passengers can book flights to Mahe Island (SEZ) through the Seychelles International Airport which is situated on the Island of Mahe at the distance of 11 km from the capital city of Victoria. It has access to one runway and 3 terminals out of which two are passenger terminals (domestic and international) and other is cargo terminal.

Ahmedabad to Mahe Island flights (AMD to SEZ)
Flight ticket booking from Ahmedabad to Mahe Island (AMD to SEZ) allows the passengers to cover the air distance of around 3603 km in short duration of time. Since this route does not has much of direct flights passengers have to for connecting flights only with few stop over destinations. The travel time is also not constant for this air route as it majorly depends upon the lay period at various connecting international airports.
Cheap flight booking from Ahmedabad to Mahe Island (AMD to SEZ) can be done through air carriers like Etihad, Jet Airways, Air Seychelles, JetKonnect, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Ethiopian, Air India and Emirates. The Island of Mahe receives several visitors throughout the year as it is a popular tourist destination with plenty of attractions.

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