Cheapest Air Ticket from New Delhi (DEL)

New Delhi is the capital city of India. Qutab Minar, Red Fort, Hyumayun’s Tomb, India Gate are major tourist destination. Popular religious festivals include Diwali, Hoi, Lohri, Raksha Bandhan, etc. Most popular tourist months are from October to January. Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) is the airport serves in Delhi. Book your flight tickets from New Delhi (DEL) to popular tourist destinations.

Cheapest Air Ticket to Penang (PEN)

Penang is the most populous island city in Malaysia. Its capital George Town is a UNESCO world heritage site since 2008. Penang Island, regarded as the food capital of Malaysia, is renowned for its good street food, incorporating Malay, Chinese, Indian, Peranakan, Thai and European influences into its literal melting pot. Penang International Airport (PEN) is the airport that serves Penang city. Search online sites for the cheapest air tickets to Penang.

To Penang (PEN) From New Delhi (DEL)
Air distance from New Delhi to Penang is approximately 3560 kilometers. Fastest one stop flight between New Delhi and Penang takes around 9 hours and it can be up to 24 hours depends on the stop over destination and airlines you choose. There is no direct fight so you have to take connecting flights. Major stop over cities are Mumbai, Bangalore, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Dubai, Kolkata, Bangkok, etc.
Malaysian airlines, Singapore Airlines, and Jet Airways are popular airlines to Penang from New Delhi. Compare websites for the lowest flight fare to Penang (PEN) from New Delhi (DEL). Try to plan your trip earlier to get best offers. Search online for the best flight deals from New Delhi (DEL) to Penang (PEN).

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