Cheapest Air Ticket from Kochi (COK)

Kochi is located in the south Indian state of Kerala. Its serenity has been drawing traders, explorers and travelers to its shores for over 600 years! Its intriguing and unique mix of a culture can’t be found anywhere else in India and quite possibly the world. You can find a little bit of every culture in Kochi - a 400-year-old synagogue, ancient mosques, Portuguese houses, giant fishing nets from China and the crumbling remains of the British Raj. These sights are quite strange but in a good way. Cheapest tickets from Kochi (COK) can be easily purchased online.

Cheapest Air Ticket to Miami (MIA)

Situated on the Atlantic coast, from southeastern Florida, Miami serves as one of the biggest tourist attractions of the world and also one of the most successful. Miami has its own vibe which is informed by the multiple ethnicities that have roots there (Mostly Cuban and other South American ethnicities). It is the city of beaches, sun and surfing. It boasts a thriving nightlife scene that thrives due to the support it gets from the locals as well as the tourists.Cheap flight tickets to Miami (MIA) can be easily bought online.

Affordable Flights To Miami (MIA) From Kochi (COK)
The distance between the Indian city of Kochi and the American city of Miami is around 9,501 miles which is too great for a direct flight, can be covered with the help of connecting flights. The connecting flights have at least two stopovers in between. The major stopover points for this route are Colombo, Doha, Mumbai and London. The time taken to complete the whole journey is around 32 hours. Go online and easily findcheap airfare to Miami (MIA) from Kochi (COK).
The Miami International Airport (MIA) is one of the busiest airports in the world and is one of only few airports in the U.S that accommodates the Airbus A380. The Miami International Airport is owned by the Miami-Dade County and operated by the Miami-Dade Aviation Department. It has four runways, each of which are made of asphalt. In the year 2016 it has over 44 million in footfalls. The Cochin International Airport is about 25km from the city and handles about 8.9 million travelers every year. Go online to get affordable flight booking from Kochi (COK) to Miami (MIA).

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