Cheapest Air Ticket from Gaya (GAY)

With the belief that Pind Daan brings peace to the soul, the Hindus and Buddhists come here from all over the world to offer prayers to the dead. Surrounded by the temple-crowned hills, Gaya is a place of great sanctity for pilgrims. Vishnupad Temple is the main draw which was constructed by Maratha princess Ahalyabayi. You can find Cheap Tickets from Gaya (GAY) for any international flights from the Bodhgaya airport.

Cheapest Air Ticket to Canberra (CBR)

Canberra, the capital city of Australia in spite of being the youngest capital city, is one of the most visited capital cities. The artificial lake, impressive architecture, art galleries, national monuments and beautiful gardens attract the visitors from all over the world. Spread across the valley of mountains, Canberra is very pleasant place to visit. You can find the flight tickets To Canberra (CBR) at the pocket-friendly price and you will reach at Canberra airport to explore this beautiful city.

Book Lowest Airfare To Canberra (CBR) From Gaya (GAY)
Also known as Brasilia of Australia, the capital city Canberra is set on an artificial lake. Air distance of 9500 kilometers between Canberra and Gaya is generally covered in 40 hours. The flights have three stoppages at Varanasi, Delhi, and Melbourne or Varanasi, Delhi and Sydney depending on the route you chose. Having a plenty of options to book air tickets From Gaya (GAY) To Canberra (CBR), you can explore and compare the flight fares of different flights and chose the lowest airfare To Canberra (CBR) From Gaya (GAY).

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