Cheap Tickets from Imphal (IMF)

Imphal is a city in the northeastern part of India and is the capital of state of Manipur. Imphal's restaurants serve very rich and delicious cuisines. One can try the momos with Kangsoi, along with different dry fishes with a amazing garnish of chilies and local herbs. Imphal international airport is the nearest airport which is well connected to different cities offering cheap air tickets from Imphal (IMF).

Cheap Tickets to Tehran (IKA)

Tehran is the capital city of Iran. It attracts a large number of visitors every year. For the food lovers the city has different tastes in store from kebabs to grilled meats on the menu. Yoghurt, and flat bread, and the famous Persian saffron rice are the must try if you visit the city of Tehran. There are large number of restaurants in the city offering Italian, Chinese and other cuisines The best time to visit this place is from March to May which is the season of spring and Autumn. Cheap air tickets to Tehran (IKA) can be booked easily online with Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport as the serving airport.

Flights to Tehran (IKA) from Imphal (IMF)
There are no direct flights which you can find while booking flights to Tehran (IKA) from Imphal (IMF) but these two cities are connected well by number of airports. The common airlines operating between the two cities include Qatar airways, Oran Airlines, Jet Airways and much more. With the aerial distance between the two cities being 2619 miles the time it takes is five hours and twenty-six minutes. The common stops in between are Guwahati, New Delhi and Boeing. Flights tickets offers from Imphal (IMF) to Tehran (IKA) can be easily found online.

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