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Dharamsala is a scenic town located at the Himalayan foothills and has with a great number of mountain trails and temples to keep the tourists busy. It is a very beautiful town and on full moon nights one doesn’t really need any lights as the moonlight is enough to light up your way. It has a sizeable Tibetan population and it also serves as the Dalai Lama’s (spiritual leader of the Tibetans) official residence. The cuisine of Dharamsala is a mix of Pahadi cuisine and the Tibetan cuisine. You can indulge in online ticket booking from Dharamsala (DHM).

Cheap Tickets to Dammam (DMM)

The city of Dammam is situated on the Persian Gulf and has clear sights of the Gulf towards its east. Dammam is one of the most industrial cities of Saudi Arabia and is famed for being probably the most important city for the Saudi oil industry. It also holds the distinction of being the capital city of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Dammam has a great cuisine which borrows from some of its Middle Eastern neighbors. Non-vegetarian food is very popular in the city. Cheap air tickets to Dammam (DMM) can be easily booked online.

Affordable Flights To Dammam (DMM) From Dharamsala (DHM)
The Kangra Gaggal Airport is one of the few airports in India that is jointly operated by the Indian Air Force and the Airports Authority of India and primarily services the city of Dharamsala. It is located at an altitude of 2,492 feet and spread over 1269 acres. The airport is equipped with all the modern navigational technological requirements. Dammam’s main airport is known as the King Fahd International Airport. It is located 20km away from the city center of Dammam. It is a public airport operated by the general civic aviation authority. It has two runways both of which are made of asphalt. Cheap air tickets to Dammam (DMM) from Dharamsala (DHM) can be easily purchased online.
Question 1.- How many stopovers does the connecting flight from Dharamsala to Dammam have?
Ans. - The connecting flight from Dharamsala to Dammam has just one stopover point in between. The most common stopover point is New Delhi.
Question 1.- How far is Dammam from Dharamsala?
Ans. - The aerial distance between the two cities is 2,626 km.
This trip is going to be wondrous. Flight tickets booking from Dharamsala (DHM) to Dammam (DMM) can be done online.

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