Cheap Flight Tickets from Goa (GOI)

Goa International Airport which is also referred as Dabolim Airport is of significant importance to the state as it is the only international airport that provide air flight tickets from Goa (GOI) to various well - travelled destinations across the globe. The airport handles all the day to day flight operations with one runway and one integrated passenger terminal that are up to date with modern requirements and technologies.

Cheap Flight Tickets to Madinah (MED)

Online ticket booking to Madinah (MED) can be made through several airlines serving the airport of Madinah which is officially termed as Prince Mohammad Bin Abdul Aziz International Airport. The airport is a hub for Saudia Airlines and is also the fourth busiest airport of the country in terms of passenger traffic.

Goa to Madinah flights (GOI to MED)
Madinah is a place that is surrounded by visitors every year and especially during the season of Hajj due to religious importance. The average air distance between both the cities is of around 3700 km and flight tickets from Goa to Madinah (GOI to MED) allows the passengers to cover this distance in less than 10 hours. Flights with cheap air fare from Goa to Madinah (GOI to MED) are offered by various air carriers such as Oman Air, Jet Airways, Saudia, Air Arabia, Etihad, Gulf Air, Saudia, Egypt Air, Kuwait Airways, Emirates and Turkish Airlines.
Madinah is a place that holds a lot of religious significance for Muslims and people from all around the world come to visit this place and pay homage to their prophets.

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