Cheap Flight Tickets from Goa (GOI)

Plan a trip to Goa and visit famous attractions such as Ford Aguada, Tiracol Fort and Dudhsagar Falls. Plan your visit for the winter months as the weather is pleasant. You can book the cheapest flights from Goa (GOI) and set out on your onward journey to explore the world. You will have to board your flight from Goa International Airport, which is about 4 km from Vasco.

Cheap Flight Tickets to Hangzhou (HGH)

There is no better place than Hangzhou to revel in the hospitality and culture of China. You can do your flight booking to Hangzhou (HGH) all year round from the comfort of your home through our portal. While the best time to visit the city is between March and May, tourists also travel to Hangzhou during autumn. Your flight will land at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, which has been designed by the famed architecture firm Aedas.

Affordable Flights to Hangzhou (HGH) from Goa (GOI)
Do your online ticket booking to Hangzhou (HGH) from Goa (GOI) through portal and head out with your family to enjoy a culture-rich vacation. Once in Hangzhou, be sure to visit attractions such as Qinghefang Old Street, West Lake, Yue Fei Temple and Nanxun Water Town.
1. What is the distance between Goa and Hangzhou?
The distance from Goa to Hangzhou is approximately is 4,962 km.
2. How long does it take to reach Hangzhou from Goa?
You can expect your flight from Goa to take approximately 16 hours and 25 minutes to land in Hangzhou.
3. Are there any direct flights between the two cities?
No, there are no direct flights. However, through our portal you can book air flight tickets from Goa (GOI) to Hangzhou (HGH) on airlines such as Bangkok Airways, Air China, and Jet Airways that offer connecting flights between Goa and Hangzhou.

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