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Tiruchirappalli commonly known as Tiruchi is a city famous for its rock forts and temples, it is commonly called the City of Rock Forts and Temples. The city is located in the riverside of Cauvery. The city gets its name from the large number of ancient temples, historical monuments and so on. Tiruchi has been a hot spot for tourists and Hindu devotees to explore, it is famous for its rich traditions, cultures, old temples and so on. The monuments in Tiruchirapalli provides a glimpse about the rich past the city has inherited. One of the most famous temples in Tiruchirappalli include Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Srirangam, Thiruvanaikovil Arulmigu Jambukeswarar Akilandeswari, and so on. These temples are very famous for its grant temple infrastructures, colourful murals, intrinsic sculptures and so on. Kallanai dam is said to be at least 2000 years old or more, attracts one of the largest crowds in Tiruchirappalli. Chinna Kadai Street is a famous shopping centre in Trichy that provides visitors with good quality hand made goods at very affordable rates. The city is well connected to major business and commercial hubs in South India, such as Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and so on. All most all the airlines operate flights to and from Trichi, as it is one of the major business centres in Tamil Nadu such as Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and so on. Tiruchirappalli International Airport (Trichy International Airport) is the airport that services the cities civil aviation industry requirements. The Airport is situated on the highway that connects Thiruchi to Rameshwaram. The Airport is located 5 km away from the main city, the airport has two terminals one handling domestic flights and the other handling international flights.

Cheap Airfare to Muscat (MCT)

Muscat is the capital of Oman, it sits on the Gulf of Oman surrounded by desert and mountains. The city is filled with high rises that are built with the latest technology. It is also home to old forts and palaces that date back to the 16th century, such as Portuguese forts building during their imperial rule. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque with its 50m dome and prodigious Persian carpet that has the capacity to accommodate 20,000 people is an architectural marvel that is a must-see in Muscat. The city has a lot of upscale malls, luxury apartments and so on ensuring a comfortable living for the locals and the expat population. Oman has a large expat population working inside the country. A major chunk of the same consist of the Indian diaspora. India has for a long time been the major supplier of both skilled and unskilled labourers for the Kingdom of Oman. Muscat International Airport serves the city with all its international travel requirements. This is necessary due to a large number of expat workers working in Muscat, the international airport services flights to and from all the major travel destinations in India. Oman is rich in Oil, this makes them very rich economically. The standard of living in Oman is very high and hence the country attracts a large number of immigrants to satisfy its job requirements. Oman is part of the Arabian Peninsula, naturally, a large part of the country is covered in desert. Oman, unlike other Gulf countries, have a stable government, warm and friendly people. The country has strict laws, that is enforced by the word. Muscat has always been considered the pearl of the Arabian Peninsula. A rich and beautiful city that is both welcoming and loved by all.

Flights Available From Trichy to Oman 
Oman has a lot of old monuments that represent the rich history and traditions that the country is famous for. Trichy to has a lot of similar architecture marvel that represent the culture and traditions of the country. Oman receives a large number of labour force from Trichy and its neighbouring towns and cities, making it a vital travel destination between the two countries. Some of the major airlines that travel between the two countries are Indigo, Air India, Qatar Airways, Sri Lankan Airways and so on. Oman has a rich culture and traditions that are strongly rooted in their day to day activities just like India, in fact most Omanians love Indians. Trichy to Muscat cheap airtickets can easily booked with BookOtrip. BookOtrip offers cheap and affordable Trichy to Muscat flight ticket for its clients. There are frequent flights connecting the two cities, making it a lifeline for both the cities, as a strong aviation connection between the two cities has cemented financial, economical  and cultural relationship between the two countries.

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