Cheap Airfare from Kolkata (CCU)

Kolkata is known as the city of joy throughout India. It is a very politically and culturally sound city. It was at the forefront during the colonial reign in India as well as the center of the Freedom Struggle of India. It has an amazing Indian classical music and dance scene with many venues in the city having been established at least a hundred years back (if not more). Kolkata is also famous for its cuisine that caters to both vegetarians and meat lovers alike. Fish, mutton and chicken are the preferred choices for meat dishes. The cheapest flights from Kolkata (CCU) can be easily booked online.

Cheap Airfare to Beijing (BJS)

Beijing is the world’s third most populous city and also one the biggest cities. It is the capital city of the People’s Republic of China and is also the last great capital city of the ancient China Empire. It is home to a number of monuments, artifacts and structures which are of historical and archeological significance. Many of them have been declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Beijing is also home to the National Museum, which has an extensive collection of artifacts, paintings and scrolls from ancient China. It is also home to Tiananmen Square. Air flight tickets to Beijing (BJS) are easily available online.

Flights To Beijing (BJS) From Kolkata (CCU)
To get to the Chinese city of Beijing from the Indian city of Ahmedabad you will have to travel around 2,028 miles. This distance is not too great and can be travelled by a direct flight. However, there are connecting flights available if you want to travel cheap. These connecting flights will have at least one stopover in between. The most popular stopover destinations on this route are New Delhi, Hong Kong and Mumbai. The total time to complete the journey is around 17 hours. Flight tickets to Beijing (BJS) from Kolkata (CCU) can be easily booked and purchased online.
The Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport is a public airport owned and operated by the Airports Authority of India and is the only airport that services the city of Kolkata. It is a hub for airlines like Dart Aviation, GoAir, IndiGo, SpiceJet, Zoom Air and Air India along with many others. Beijing Capital International Airport is the main airport that serves the city. It is spread over an area 1,480 hectares, and has three terminals. It is the main hub for the national carrier, Air China. Cheap air tickets from Kolkata (CCU) to Beijing (BJS) can be easily purchased online.

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