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Lucknow is the capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is a bustling city famed for its Nawabi era finesse and amazing food. It is quite the mixture of traditional and modern ethos. Lucknow is famed throughout India for its unique culture and cuisine that is the amalgamation of various dynasties that ruled with the seat of power in the city. Lucknow cuisine is famed for its slow fire cooking technique called the dum style. Shami kebabs and Tunde kebabs are the most popular kebabs in Lucknow. Book cheap flight tickets from Lucknow (LKO) online.

Cheap Air Tickets to Doha (DOH)

Doha is the capital city of the Gulf country of Qatar. Doha is known for the amazing buildings and structures that are located in and around the city. Doha is one of the best and most luxurious cities of the world. The standard of living of the people of Doha is very high. It is one of the most important stopover points for international flights going from the Eastern hemisphere to the Western hemisphere and vice versa. Book air tickets to Doha (DOH) online with ease.

Inexpensive Flights to Doha (DOH) from Lucknow (LKO)
Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport or the Lucknow airport is the only airport that serves the city of Lucknow. It is one of the busiest airports in India and is operated by the Airports Authority of India. It saw over 3 million in footfalls in the year 2016. It has a single runway which is made of a mixture of concrete and asphalt. The Hamad International airport is the chief international airport of Doha after it replaced the former Doha International Airport as Qatar’s premier airport. It is owned by the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority and is operated by Qatar Airways. It has two runways made of asphalt and it regularly sees over 35 million in footfalls every year. Flight booking offers to Doha (DOH) from Lucknow (LKO) can be easily found online.
What is the distance from Lucknow in India to Doha in Qatar?
The distance from Lucknow to Doha is around 2,935 km.
How long does it take to reach Doha from Lucknow?
It takes about six hours and 30 minutes, with one stopover.
Enjoy your travels. Cheap tickets from Lucknow (LKO) to Doha (DOH) can be easily purchased online.

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