Cheap Air Tickets from Amritsar (ATQ)

Amritsar is an important city in the India state, Punjab. The Sikh is the main religion followed by the people of Amritsar. The culture of Amritsar is the mix of Hinduism festivals and Sikhism religious activities. Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport is 11 kilometers away from the city center of Amritsar. Grab flight tickets offer from Amritsar (ATQ) by searching online ticket booking sites.

Cheap Air Tickets to Padang (PDG)

Populating more than one million human beings, Padang is a prominent area of Indonesia. Padang cuisines are must to have to entertain the amazing taste. The place is famous for its spicy food and Rendang is one of the most famous dishes in Padang. Located in Ketaping which is around 23 kilometers away from Padang, Minangkabau International Airport serves Padang and nearby areas. Booking flight tickets to Padang (PDG) with the online option is a matter of just one click.

Buy online flight ticket to Amritsar (ATQ) from Padang (PDG)
The distance from Amritsar to Padang is approximately 4518 kilometres. One can expect the flight duration of around one day for the route from Amritsar to Padang. No direct flight connectivity is available for such long route. China Southern, Garuda Indonesia, Cathay Pacific, and Air India are connecting airlines for serving routes. Delhi, Hong Kong, and Jakarta are major stopovers of the route. Find online flight ticket to Padang (PDG) from Amritsar (ATQ) at different sites and compare the fares before ensuring bookings. Avail easy air ticket from Amritsar (ATQ) to Padang (PDG) by booking the tickets one month before the journey.

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