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Vijayawada is situated on the banks of Krishna River in Andhra Pradesh in India. The city is known for the rich and diverse culture that becomes visible during the festivals. The Vijayawada Airport connects the city with other major cities on the national and international level. One can comfortably get cheap Airfare from Vijayawada (VGA) to reach any desired destination.

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In the Central Uganda, lies the Entebbe town on a Lake Victoria peninsula. The city is the home of the Uganda Virus Research Institute and Nkumba University. The Entebbe International Airport connects the town with international destinations. There are various online platforms to find effective flight tickets, offers to Entebbe (EBB) that can help you reduce the cost of the journey without compromising the comfort.

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With the aerial distance of 5585 km, the journey takes pretty good time. You can expect about 18 to 30 hours of journey depending upon the route you select. There are various routes that include different stopovers. You can take the Hyderabad-Dubai route, Hyderabad- Abu Dhabi route or select the Bengaluru-Doha route, according to your comfort. The flights such as Ethiopian, Air India, Emirates, and Alliance Air serve to help you cover the distance. You can find the cheapest tickets to Entebbe (EBB) from Vijayawada (VGA) online. However, it is important to make sure that the flight booking offers from Vijayawada (VGA) to Entebbe (EBB) suit your comfort and convenience. So, evaluate the features and stopovers to select the right flight under your budget.

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