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Vadodara is the cultural capital of Gujrat. The city is the third largest city and offers Hindu and Jain shrines along with the diversity of multiple religions. The beautiful sites, historical heritages, and the tasty cuisine make the city popular all over the world. This is the reason why the many people travel in and out of the city frequently. One can easily book cheap flight tickets from Vadodara (BDQ) to multiple locations all over the world via suitable routes.

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The Moscow city of Russia holds a great historical and cultural importance as well. The city is known for the monuments dedicated to the fallen heroes and the modern lifestyle. The performing arts and nightlife are two of the major parts of the city lifestyle here. One can watch the beauty of the sunrise from the Moscow’s golden domes. Plus, there are many different clubs and cafes to enjoy and connect with the locals. People can book cheap flight tickets To Moscow (SVO) easily.

Best fares on the ticket to Moscow (SVO) from Vadodara (BDQ)
When it comes to the online flight booking to Moscow (SVO) from Vadodara (BDQ), multiple factors become important. You need to take care of the fares, the time period of the journey and also the convenience of the route for yourself. Hence, the best idea is always to pick the most convenient route that offers a reasonable price. This is the right approach for the air ticket booking from Vadodara (BDQ) to Moscow (SVO).
What is the distance between Vadodara and Moscow?
From Vadodara, Gujrat to Moscow, you cover 4694 km.
What is the average time of flight?
It takes about 8 hours to complete the journey. However, this time period depends on the route you choose.
What are the different routes available?
Vadodara-New Delhi-Moscow
So, now you have all the information to make the right selection.

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