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If you are planning to take a break from your busy schedule, plan a trip to the beautiful and the scenic city of Srinagar. It is an intriguing city which is known for its many luxury hotels, valleys, famed Dal Lake, and snow-capped mountains. From here, you can visit the city of Riyadh. Book flight tickets from Srinagar (SXR) to travel to Riyadh. The nearest airport here is the Srinagar International Airport, which is also known as Sheikh-ul-Alam Airport.

Book Flights to Riyadh (RUH)

Travel to Riyadh, the most spectacular city of Saudi Arabia. Book the cheapest air ticket to Riyadh (RUH) and arrive at the King Khalid International Airport, which is spread over an area of 93,000 acres, to learn all about the culture and heritage of the city. Plan your travel during the winter months as the summers are pretty harsh. The city has a good number of museums that speak about the history and the heritage of the city.

Affordable Flights to Riyadh (RUH) from Srinagar (SXR)
Thinking about spending a holiday in Saudi Arabia? You must pay a visit to the city of Riyadh. If you are traveling from Srinagar, you can avail flight offers to Riyadh (RUH) from Srinagar (SXR) and explore some of the modern architectural wonders. Kids can have an amazing time at the Riyadh Zoo and the city has a number of shopping malls and traditional markets where you can shop. You can also visit a number of forts here like the Masmak Fort or the Murabba Palace.
1. How far is Riyadh from Srinagar?
The approximate distance between Riyadh and Srinagar is 1804 miles.
2. How long does it take to travel to Riyadh from Srinagar?
It takes 10 hours and 35 minutes to reach Riyadh on airlines like Etihad Airways.
3. How do I get cheap flights from Srinagar (SXR) to Riyadh (RUH)?
You can get cheap flights from Srinagar to Riyadh when you book online.

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