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Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra, is also the second largest city in the state. Pune is a known city for providing good education. It has several recognized educational institutions in the city. Pune is also a popular tourist and boasts museums, art galleries, and botanical gardens. Due to its pleasant climate, it is one of the most visited cities in India. If you want to travel out of this city, there are several options of online ticket booking from Pune (PNQ) to any other city in the world.

Book Flight Tickets to Muscat (MCT)

Similar to its neighbors Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Muscat the capital city of Oman boasts of fresh clean sea air, wide roads, spectacular building and dazzling brown deserts. Muscat is also a port city that is backed by the Hajar Mountain Range. Some of the interesting activities you can do in Muscat are desert safari, private day tours, and a day trip to Oman’s Grand Canyon. Some of the famous must see places include Amouage Perfume, Qurum Nature Park, Al Sifah Beach, and Qurum Beach. If you want to visit this colorful city, you can buy cheap air tickets to Muscat (MCT) that will take you to Muscat International Airport.

Cheap Flights to Muscat (MCT) from Pune (PNQ)
Travelling to Muscat is very inexpensive and fits under your budget. You can easily get the lowest flight fare to Muscat (MCT) from Pune (PNQ) that will take you from Pune International Airport to Muscat International Airport, which is the main airport in Oman and around 32km from the city. The following FAQs will help you during your trip.
1. How long does it take to fly from Pune to Muscat?
Opt for best flight deals from Pune (PNQ) to Muscat (MCT) that will take you to the city in about 6 hours and 50 minutes.
2. Are there direct flights between Pune and Muscat?
There are no direct flights. However, you will find several connecting flights operated by leading airlines like Jet Konnect, Jet Airways, Etihad Airways and Air India. These connecting flights enjoy stopovers in popular hubs like New Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Abu Dhabi.
3. What is the distance between Pune and Muscat?
The aerial distance between Pune and Muscat is about 1,697km.

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