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Nagpur is the third largest city in Maharashtra, India. It is even used as winter capital of the state. It is also considered as Deekshabhoomi as it has the largest hollow Buddhist stupa in the world. Nagpur is also the best city in terms of health care indices, public transport, greenery and livability. It is popularly called as orange city as here you can find majority of orange cultivation. Nagpur is connected to almost all parts of the world by reputed airlines and lowest air ticket From Nagpur- (NAG) is easily available.

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Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. It is located on northwest coast of Java which is one among the populous islands in the world. Jabodetabek is the metropolitan area in Jakarta which is second largest of whole world. The place have people from different parts of the glove due to the higher living standards. It is even titled as Alpha Global City after a research. Air ticket offers To Jakarta (CGK) is available from reputed airways.

Book Tickets Online To Jakarta (CGK) From Nagpur (NAG)
Nagpur (NAG) to Jakarta (CGK) is an air route that has a good amount of traffic. Nagpur and Jakarta are 4296 km away aerially. It obviously makes it clear that a reputed airways should be chosen for a comfortable travel between these places which allows online ticket booking To Jakarta (CGK) From Nagpur- (NAG).
Question 1. Which airlines provide most number of lights from Nagpur to Jakarta?
Ans. - Jet Airways and Air India are the reputed airways in the forefront for providing maximum number of flights.
Question 2. Flight duration from Nagpur to Jakarta?
Ans. - Nagpur to Jakarta flight journey takes various time duration depending on the flight chosen but it requires minimum thirteen hours and five minutes for the travel.
Question 3. Earliest flight from Nagpur to Jakarta?
Ans. - Earliest flight between these cities from Nagpur is at 8:20 of Air India.
Question 4. The last flight from Nagpur to Jakarta?
Ans. - The last flight to Jakarta from Nagpur is at 20:40 by Air India. Choose a reputed airways for air flight tickets From Nagpur- (NAG) To Jakarta (CGK).

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