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The city of Mangalore, which is also known as Mangaluru, is a major commercial center in Karnataka. The city is home to the famous Kadri Majunath Temple which has the bronze statues that can be dated back to centuries ago. You can also visit the 9th century Mangaladevi Temple and a number of Catholic sites. Mangalore also has a number of scenic beaches where you can relax and unwind or enjoy some water sports. From here, you can travel to the city of Doha as you can get a number of cheap tickets from Mangalore (IXE) to the Arab city all year long. You just need to make your bookings and you can take the flight from Mangaluru International Airport, which ranks number 12 in international passenger traffic.

Book Flight Tickets to Doha (DOH)

Travel to the city of Doha to spend a vacation like never before. The island offers a number of attractions to its tourists all of which are truly mesmerizing. You can book cheap tickets to Doha (DOH) from almost every city as the capital of Qatar is well-connected by flights from all over the world via the Hamad International Airport. Visit this city in the months of November to April as the weather then is known to be pleasant and cool.

Affordable Flights to Doha (DOH) from Mangalore (IXE)
If you have been planning a vacation from long, set out to the city of Doha. Doha is known for its lovely ambience and some of the must visit places here are the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha Heritage Village, The Pearl, Al Zubara Fort, Corniche, Doha Zoo and many more. The city has to lot to offer for both kids and adults alike. You can avail cheap airfare to Doha (DOH) from Mangalore (IXE) and travel to Doha to spend an enchanting vacation. Let us now have a look at some of the common questions asked.
How far is Doha from Mangalore?
The approximate distance between Doha and Mangalore is 2,801 km.
Are there any direct flights between the two cities?
Yes, Air India Express operates direct flights between the two cities every day of the week.
What is the time to travel from Mangalore to Doha?
The approximate time to travel from Mangalore to Doha is approximately 4 hours.
You can book your flight tickets from Mangalore (IXE) to Doha (DOH) online and spend an amazing time in Doha. So, wait no more. Travel to Doha today.

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