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Located on the shores of River Narmada, the city of Jabalpur is known for its splendid Ghats and waterfalls. Bhedaghat-Marble Rocks, Dhuandhar Falls, Fort situated near the Narmada and a temple located near Roopnath are the most eminent tourist attractions in Jabalpur. This industrial city complemented with British architecture and natural landscapes is a must visit place. International travelers are well-connected and can find cheapest air ticket From Jabalpur (JLR) after visiting Dumna airport.

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Canberra, the capital city of Australia is the house of an artificial lake, beautiful gardens, parks and museums. Even if it is located with between Sydney and Melbourne, Canberra will not disappoint you when it comes to present the beauty and history of Australia. You can find flight booking offers To Canberra (CBR) to plan your trip to this eminent place. You will reach Canberra airport and explore Canberra’s abundant offerings.

Get Cheap Flights To Canberra (CBR) From Jabalpur (JLR)
If you are willing to explore historical places and natural landscapes, then you can plan a trip from Jabalpur, one historical city with beautiful natural landscapes to Canberra having artificial lake and beautiful museums. The aerial distance between these two places is 9758 kilometers. There are 3 stoppages in between, of Hyderabad, New Delhi and Sydney. The total journey ends up in 42 hours, 50 minutes. You can make this trip perfect by booking the lowest air ticket To Canberra (CBR) From Jabalpur (JLR). You can book cheap flight tickets From Jabalpur (JLR) To Canberra (CBR) and enjoy your vacations with your family and kids by exploring the capital city of Australia.

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