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Uttarakhand’s capital city, Dehradun is apopulartourist destination in North India. Its mild climate and beautiful landscape lure the visitors. The major attractions in the city include several ancient templesand wildlife zones. The city also attracts tourists interested in sport tourism, especially in the winter months. To fly out from the historic city, you should look for cheap airfare from Dehradun (DED) in flights departing from Dehradun Airport, which is approximately 22 km away from the city.

Book Flight Tickets to Arusha (ARK)

Arusha, a city in Northeast region of Tanzania, is located at foot of pretty Mount Meru. For those looking for a beautiful yet affordable destination, Arusha is the place to be. The Maasai Market is quite enticing and adventure loving travelers can explore the dormant volcano. To reach here, you need to look for flight tickets offers to Arusha (ARK) that will take you toKilimanjaro International Airport, which became the first international airport in Africa to undergo privatization.

Affordable Flights to Arusha (ARK) from Dehradun (DED)
To visit Arusha, you should book the cheapest air ticket to Arusha (ARK) from Dehradun (DED). This can easily be done online while sitting in the comfort of your home.
1. What is the distance between Dehradun and Arusha?
The average distance between Dehradun and Arusha is 5,767 km. The fastest flight will take you to this African city is approximately 8 hours 39 minutes.
2. Which airlines serve between Dehradun and Arusha?
These airports are served by popular airlines like Air India, Etihad Airways and Ethiopian Airlines.
3. How many stopovers are there between Dehradun and Arusha?
There exist no direct flights between Dehradun and Arusha. The connecting flights have stopovers at airports like Delhi, Dar Es Salaam and Kilimanjaro. You can expect a minimum of three stopovers. Traveling to Arusha is convenient nowadays. You should use top flight portals for easy flight booking from Dehradun (DED) to Arusha (ARK). The flights take off from India’s Dehradun Airport to Kilimanjaro International Airport, which serves 87,000 passengers annually and consists of modern facilities like duty free shops and free Wi-Fi.

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