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Bagdogra is a statistically vested town in the province of Darjeeling district. Being a major part of the Greater Siliguri Area, it has the most serene tea gardens of West Bengal in India, which happens to be the visitor’s favorite treat to the eyes. The city also harbors contrasting religious cultures, with utter conciliation and soulful unanimity. The city has well-established connections via roadways, railways, and airways. The airway offers connections to every major destination with lowest air ticket bookings from the BagdograAirport (IXB) in the easiest accessible way.

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Muscat, being the capital of Oman, happens to be the major city in the Governorate of Muscat. Residing by the Gulf of Oman, the city stretches by the Arabian Sea, it dictates most of its landscape by the rock – bound Western Al Hajar Mountains. Hence, desert vegetation of the halophytic sabkhaoutweighs the terrain essentially. However, Muscat witnesses a rough arid climate with seemingly never ending summers and preferably long winters accompanied by scarce rainfall in between. The city of Muscat is subjugated by trade facilitating major exports of pearls, fish, and dates. It also cites the greatest mass produce of petroleum. The city showcases some major museums and an innumerable number of mosques and not to miss the Old Palace. One can easily get air ticket offers to Muscat from any online site.

Affordable flights from Bagdogra (IXB) to Muscat (MCT)
Easily accessible and affordable flights from Bagdogra (IXB) to Muscat (MCT), makes your vacation all the more exciting since you can save some extra penny for those heavy shopping bags from the central shopping areas of Al Quorum Commercials.
Resting all our courteousness, we offer here the answers to the commonly asked questions.
How far is Muscat from Bagdogra?
The airways take a time of around four hours and thirty minutes to covera distance of 3040 km between Muscat and Bagdogra. -
What is the time difference between the two places?
The time of Muscat lags behind that of Bagdogra, by one hour and thirty minutes.
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