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Amritsar (ATQ) is known as the Golden City of India. It is a very important place of worship for Sikhs as their most important and holy temple, the Golden Temple, is located in Amritsar. It is also the land of farmers, and therefore, the city is dotted with great big fields that grow various paddy and other crops all year long. Amritsar is known for its great hospitality and the people of Amritsar are extremely hospitable. The city attracts a large swathe of tourists every year who come to catch a glimpse of the Golden Temple. Cheap tickets from Amritsar (ATQ) can be easily bought online.

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Bangkok is Thailand’s capital city and is also its cultural and tourism center. Bangkok is contrasting in nature and has many great ornate shrines that were built in ancient times along with many more modern options for enjoying life especially the nightlife. The city is also known for having a great number of pristine beaches which attract a great number of tourists every year. The nature of Bangkok is eclectic and one can find people of all kinds of cultures residing in or visiting Bangkok. Flight tickets to Bangkok (BKK) can be easily purchased online.

Amritsar to bangkok cheap flights

Amritsar is one of the holiest lands in the world as it contains the holiest place of worship for the believers and followers of the Sikh religion. Amritsar is also a land of the farmers and has great miles of farming lands within its boundaries. Bangkok is a beach city and a tourist one at that. It always has tourists roaming within its walls hoping to catch a glimpse of something that they have been seeking. Bangkok also offers many varied dining options and you can sample many different cuisines here. You can find the lowest air ticket to Bangkok (BKK) from Amritsar (ATQ) online.
What are some of the airlines that fly from Amritsar to Bangkok regularly?
Many reputed airlines belonging to many different countries from all over the world fly this route regularly. Some of those airlines are Jet Airways, Air Vistara, Air India, Thai Airways, Garuda Indonesia and many more.
How far is Amritsar from Bangkok?
The distance between Amritsar and Bangkok is 3,283km. You will not find direct flights, but can book connecting flights. The total flight time is more than five hours, with one stopover at Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) at New Delhi.
Have fun during your trip and enjoy the journey as well. Book cheap flight tickets from Amritsar (ATQ) to Bangkok (BKK) online.

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