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Vijayawada Airport is an international airport and it is also a public airport. This airport is located at Gannavaram in Vijayawada where national highway connecting to Kolkata and Chennai too. The airport operates both of terminals to serve flights to international and domestic areas. This terminal can handle 500 passengers at same time and lounge of this airport build over space of 3613 square meters. You can explore the view of kondapalli fort where you can inform about the history of that place. You will get a blessing at Subramanya Swami temple and make good wishes for your family. If you are art lover then you have the option to visit the Victoria museum.

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If you want to get beautiful pictures then you need to come to this city and most of the delicious dishes invite visitors. Every year this city caters to something new and attracts visitors with new attractions that you can capture at night. This is the city which perfect and pays back your money in form of fun and thrill. The airport of this city is known as the name of Washington Dulles International Airport which serves flight facilities to all over the world which is located in the eastern United States. The airport was opened in the year 1962 and still now offering best services at their best. The airport also has two terminals which operate international and domestic traffic both easily.

Flights from Vijayawada to Washington, D.C. 

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