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Mumbai is the busiest and most economically thriving Indian city located in the state of Maharashtra. Mumbai is also known as the City of Dreams and the Economic Capital of India. The densely populated city has a vibrant and diversified culture. Mumbai is a modernized city with world-class public services, shopping, dining, healthcare, communication and other amenities. A range of big industries are located in the city and contributing to its huge economy. The primary airport serving the city is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. It is the second busiest airport in the country providing service to more than 45 million passengers annually. There are several regular flights offering service to a range of major global destinations in which you can book cheap flight tickets From Mumbai (BOM).

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Located on the Moscow River, Moscow is a major and capital city in Russia. It is a modernized city with a flourishing economy. Moscow has been ranked as one of the most expensive Russian cities. Moscow is a popular tourist destination. Apart from the tons of jobs and business opportunities, the city has a range of things to offer like the enticing landscapes, tempting local attractions, graceful historic sites and colonial architecture. Moscow is primarily served by Sheremetyevo International Airport. It is a chief Russian airport providing first-rate service to more than 34 million passengers. The multiple flight choices can help you book air tickets To Moscow (SVO) from a range of destinations without any hassle.

Flights To Moscow (SVO) From Mumbai (BOM)
The Moscow airport is the largest airport in Russia and it often remains crowded with the international tourists and traders. Mumbai to Moscow flight routes have several connecting flights and many of them offer the cheapest air ticket To Moscow (SVO) From Mumbai (BOM) on special occasions. You can also approach a reputed trip planner to enjoy the hassle-free flight booking From Mumbai (BOM) To Moscow (SVO). 
What is the best time to visit Moscow?
April and May.
Is there any nonstop flight available from Mumbai to Moscow?
What is the aerial distance between both the destinations?
3122 miles.

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