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Bhopal, also known as the city of lakes, is the capital of Madhya Pradesh – the heart of India. The city boasts some major natural as well as artificial lakes which attracts innumerable tourists from across the globe. After the unfortunate Bhopal Gas Tragedy in 1984 which had taken over four thousand lives, the city has struggled hard to revive its charm. The sub – tropical climate of the city remains humid most of the year. Winter is cool but sufficiently dry, and a humid monsoon season follows the hot summer after June. Apart from eminent educational institutes, the city hides some major historical aura in the ancient caves scattered all over. Bhimbetka Caves located about thirty five kilometers away from the city carries some essential evidence of the pre – historic dwellers. A visit to this place is incomplete without stepping into the Bharat Bhavan which showcases the diverse cultures, theatres and tribal museums. The city hosts some major connections to the rest of the country by its efficient railways and roadway system. Also, booking flight tickets from Bhopal (BHO) has always been hassle – free owing to the expanded airways connection with the rest of the world.

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Muscat lies in concurrence to the census Straits of Hormuz. The urban landscape is decorated with the stunted white buildings introduced by the prior invasion of the Portuguese Empire. The Portuguese had cultivated their holdfast on this city despite all the major conflicts with Persia and Turkey. The city’s acquaintance with the Indus Valley Civilisation has been confirmed by the vestiges from the Harappan pottery. The terrain even studs its land with the huge volcanic rocks scattered throughout. If you are planning a visit to this major mystic city, worry not, since there are easily accessible air flight tickets to Muscat (MCT).

Booking Flight Tickets from Bhopal (BHO) to Muscat (MCT)
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How is the Bhopal airport?
Situated in the Gandhi Nagar area, Raja Bhoj Airport of Bhopal rates itself as the busiest airport of the state after Devi AhilyaBaiHolkar Airport. Both the airports, inaugurated by the mid of 2011 shows remarkable features of development and sophistuication. -
What is the time taken from BHOPAL (BHO) to MUSCAT (MCT)?
The airway travel takes around two hours and fifty four minutes.
So, pack your bags since Muscat awaits your presence, with a lot more appreciable surprises down the lane!.

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